Pop Up Landscapes


How do you articulate a sense of survival? Of landscapes in trouble? How do we stay with the trouble?

This two year exploratory project  included developing model for an interactive public art work on on landscapes, survival, perception and the built environment. Working across different localities urban space (Poblenou, Barcelona) and rual area (Mação, Portugal) a series of workshops with professionals (urban planners, architects, designers, educators) and and communities (primary school children and senior citizens) were constructed. Workshops focused on aspects of the land, which you would like to preserve or change and how such decisions are reached.

Taking inspiration for the board game, Battleship two separate but connected environments were set up. Participants had on either side of the environment (A or B) had to work together in order to construct the image (visual landscape), which was projected on screen. In order to complete the image, participants also had to decide the remove themselves from the play in order to gain a ‘coherent’ visual landscape.

Project development: Pop Up Landscapes


Pressure sensors, Arduino, cables, 2 x projectors, 2 x screens, paper, pens, colored paper, coloring pens, Wiki Urban Planning blocks,digital stills camera, video camera, 4-6 x computers, digital prints (various sizes), vinyl lettering, tables, chairs, microphone and PA


lok Arquitectura (ES/PT) and Tuomo Tammenpää (FI)

Supported by

Hangar.org, Barcelona, The Finnish Institute London, FRAME, Finland, Watershed & Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol and Instituto Politécnico de Tomar