Come Outside


Collective bike ride on customised bikes

Twenty people (per performance) on a two mile (3.21km) bike ride using customized bicycles, which were augmented with tailor made dynamo battery chargers. At the destination point, the energy generated as participants peddled was harnessed and pooled together to boil a kettle for a cup of tea. The act of boiling the water, illustrated how much energy it takes to create one of the most simplest (often daily) acts – making a cup of tea. Accompanying the tea making ritual, an informal performance-lecture on the equations, which supported the energy transfer relating to the bike ride was given.

Materials & duration

25 bikes, 25 riders tops, 25 cups (including assistants), 3 x large tables, 25 dynamo kits, 25 connectors, battery, travel kettle, tea bags, black board, chalk, 2 x A2 standing poster boards

2 hrs (including 20 min bike ride x 2/rtn journey and talk)


Collaboration with Maarten De Laat, Kathy Hinde, Philip O’Dwyer, Tom Bugs (Polar Produce)


Enter_Unknown Territories Festival, Cambridge, UK, April, 2007