MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life

Solo performance/monologue

Taking  one “machine” from each year of her life this personal, auto-ethnographic piece, reflects on the uses, misuses, and abuses of technology. From radios to home recording devices to my first experiences on the internet, this sonic and visual journey explores the key “machines” that have come to shape my technological know-how and imagination, in turn revealing the contradictions and realities of a generation born as “digital natives.”

Materials and duration

x2 60 inch plasma screens, x1 projector and screen, x2 chair with clip on desk lights, x2 (Shure SM58), x4  Fresnel lights with blue gels, x4 profile spots, x1 Fender performer 1000 amp, x1 BSS Audio AR-133 Active D1 Box

60 mins