UM Festival / 2008

UM was established to focus on experimental and mixed media art works. Bringing together international and national artists and practitioners interested in creating media works, which fluidly combine and mix disciplinary techniques, aesthetic approaches,  forms and technologies. The 2008 edition focuses on the concepts of gesture and movement with emphasises on tracking and location based interfaces, fluid environments and shifts between physical and digital landscapes, people, place and distributed communities and the extended body within mixed reality spaces.

Running over four-days the programme included exhibition, performanes, panel discussions, workshops and public art works.

Supported by

UM was funded by DGArtes, Direcção-Geral das Artes/MC, Ministério da Cultura and the PRS Foundation of New Music, UK, with support from STEIM, NL and Restart, Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Bomba Suicida, Y-Dreams, Upgrade!Lisbon, Atelier RE AL PT and Europa.

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Artists, Practitoners, Speakers

Sonia Cillari, André Gonçalves, Tom Verbruggen, Kathy Hinde, Laetitia Morais, Chris Sugrue, Ivan Franco, Adriana Sa, Pedro Appleton, Gonçalo Velho, John Klima, Rui Trindade, Luis Silva, Paulo Raposo, Luísa Ribas, Andy Moor, N.I.P collective, Bandidos Desesperados, Panthecult, Goodiepal, Rudolfo Quintas, TokTek, Damian Stewart & Chris Surgue

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