A Eulogy to This Ground


What histories does the soil, we stand on hold? What flora and fauna have made it there home, been lost, eradicated or relocated, so that this place, this city can be built? What survived, emerged and took hold between the cracks of such human habitations?

A Eulogy To This Ground, takes the form of a situated ritual and tele-sorcery cast. Weaving narratives of lost, forgotten and extinct wildlife, urban sites are transformed into a consecrated places through which the memory for the plants and creatures, who live and once lived in this area can be remembered.

Materials: Soil, plants [Alfalfa, Clover, Fennel, Yarrow, Alinte and Japanese Knotweed, Basil], screens, Jitsi, web-browser, Max MSP, open source botanical images

Credits and thanks:

Opening/premiere: Vive les Groues, Nanterre, Paris as part of Nuit Blanche on 3rd Oct 2020.

Production and installation: Irina Bogdan, with thanks to Thom Charli (curator); SCIC La Main (organisers); the team at Vive les Groues and Alberto.