Teresa Dillon is an artist and researcher, who writes, studies, performs and tell stories about technology, urban life and sound.

Her performance based work, emerges from a long-standing investigation into how the use and deployment of certain technologies and the manner in which the built environment is produced and organised, reveals divergent his/stories and her/stories of infrastructure, value and power.

Often working with particular buildings and their associated acoustic architectures (military factories, disused schools) or hardwares (CCTV cameras, noise sensors) and collaborating with local communities, her work uses sound, the body, poems and stories to highlight how the personal and immediate connects to global flows and governance and to other species and systems.

This practice-based work is complemented by academic research and associated productions (Urban Knights, YOU MIGHT BE A DOG, HACK-THE-CITY, OFFLOAD: Systems for Survival), which symbolically and critically examine techno-civic interrelationships, including those that are defined as smart, intelligent or sustainable.

Teresa’s work has been published and exhibited internationally (transmediale, Ars Electronica, Helsinki Design Week, LABoral, 7a*11d, Locws International) and presented at various conferences and symposia (Make City Festival, ISEA, EcoCity), her work has been reviewed in Nature Magazine, Wire, Creators and BBC online. She is a Humboldt Fellow and has held research and lecture posts at Cambridge University, UK and Trinity College Dublin. She is currently Professor of City Futures at the School of Art and Design, UWE, Bristol and in 2018 established with various partners and colleagues RepairActs.


Next Up:

Screening Donna Haraway: Story Telling For Earthly Survival by Fabrizio Terranova at Cube Cinema, Bristol and discussion with artists Matana Roberts and Kelly Jayne Jones, May 3rd, 2018, Bristol

The Civic Labs (moderator), Make City Festival, June 15th 2018, 16.30-20.30, The Czech Centre (Tschechisches Zentrum), Berlin

In conversation with Professor Elke Krasny on repair cultures, Make City Festival, June 20th 2018, 11:00-13:00, Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin


Most Recent: 

Repair Acts, Workshop, 26-28th March, 2018, New Delhi

Urban Knights, 27th March, 2018, New Delhi

Presentation at Refrag 28-31st March, 2018, Paris

Repair Acts, Workshop, 13th March, 2018, Bristol



2017 Are You Still Watching? Arnolfini, Bristol, Festival of the Future City

2016 Under New Moons, We Stand Strong, Peacock Visual Arts Centre & Seventeen, Aberdeen (SCT)



2018 MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life, Transmediale, Face Value, Berlin

2017, whereveryoufindit.net, Online exhibition

2015-2016, Opimilk, Human Factor, DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum, Berlin (DE)

2015-2016 Opimilk, Materia Prima, LABoral, Gijón (SP)

2014 YOU MIGHT BE A DOG, LEAP, Berlin (DE)

2013-2015 Opimilk, Projekt Genesis, Ars Electronica, Futurelab, Linz (AT)

2012 HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin (IRL)

2009 EME3, Collapse, CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Barcelona (SP)

2008 N.I.P., O Espaço do Tempo, (PT)

2008 Spike Island Studio Open Studios, Bristol, (UK)

2007 ‘AY AHALI! / Setting a Setting / Letting a Setting Go’, Can Altay, Spike Island, (UK)

2006 Brunel 200, Bristol, (UK)

2005 Star Radio, National Museum of Cardiff, Cardiff, (WAL)

2005 Creative Bristol, (UK)

2003 Experimentica 03, G39 Gallery/Chapter Arts, Cardiff, (WAL)

2002 Locws Festival 2, Swansea, (WAL)



2013-ongoing Urban Knights, Berlin, Bristol, Dublin, Vienna, Aberdeen, New Delhi

2016 #make stream, transmediale, Berlin (DE)

2016 STATE, The Sentimental Machine, Berlin (DE)

2014 YOU MIGHT BE A DOG, LEAP, Berlin (DE)

2012 HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin (IRL)

2008-11 UM Festival, Lisbon, Oporto, Dublin (PT & IRL)

2007 OFFLOAD: Systems for Survival, Bristol (UK)



2015 Helsinki Design Week (FI)

2014 Museum Quartier 21 with Artistic Bokeh, Vienna, (AT)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Transformations Project, IPI, Mação, (PT)

2009 Hangar, Barcelona, (SP)

2008 Finnish Institute Art Grant and FRAME/HIAP (FI)

2008 O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, N.I.P., (New Interfaces for Performance), (PT)

2007 STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music), N.I.P. (New Interfaces for Performance), Amsterdam, (NL)



2016- Professor of City Futures, University of West England, Bristol, (UK)

2014-2016 Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow, Technische Universität & Universität der Künste, Berlin, (DE)

2012-2013 Course Coordinator & Lecturer, Idea Translation Lab (HACK THE CITY & Synthetic Biology), Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin in partnership with Harvard University & Le Laboratoire, Paris, (FR)

2009 Media Art Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, (PT)

2007-2009 Lecturer & MA Supervisor, Arts, Culture, Education MA, Department of Education, Cambridge University,  (UK)

2004-2006 Visiting Lecturer, Bristol University

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University, Summer School, (UK)

2002 Visiting Lecturer, Sheffield University, Music Department, (UK)

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University, Summer School, (UK)

1999-2000 Research Assistant, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, (SCT)



2014 Producer on Superglue by Danja Vasiliev, Joscha Jaeger & Michael Zeder with zerbamine & VERBALVISUAL supported by WORM, Greenhost

2006-2009 Wireframe Designer and educational researcher for BBC on Participate and Participate Schools

2003-2006 Co-designer, theorist and researcher on various experimental and emerging educational tech Futurelab, Bristol



2017 Aesthetics of Repair (Migratory Art), Panel at Screen City Biennial, Stavanger, (NO)

2017 Sound of the Breakdown, Keynote at International Festival and Conference on Sound in the Arts, Science and Technology, Dundalk, (IRL)

2017 Listening to the ’smart‘ city: A story about the inaudible, Invited artist talk, University at Buffalo, PLASMA (US)

2016 Various, Transmediale, Berlin (DE)

2015 Superglue, stART Symposium, EU Commission, Brussels (BE)

2013 Artistic Practices within Cities, Invited Speaker, EcoCity World Summit, Nantes (FR)

2013 Rogue Troopers Panel and Synthetic Scenarios & Stories Workshop, ISEA, Sydney (AU)

2013 Network Utopias with Danja Vasiliev, Fine Arts School, Oporto & The University of Coimbra (PT)

2012 StudioLab Symposium, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, (AU)

2012 Ignite, Science Gallery, Dublin (IRL)

2011 ‚NOISE‘ at DATA 47, Dublin Art Technology Association (IRL)

2010 Launch of Interfereze Journal of Sound Cultures, Science Gallery, Dublin (IRL)

2010 Artist Lecture, Toronto School of Art & 7a11d Performance Festival, Toranto (CA)

2010 Keynote Presentation, Gear Festival (PT)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Leeds Festival of Design Activism, Leeds (UK)

2008 It’s all about the position baby! Art, Mediated by Technology Virtual Platform, Amsterdam, Art, Mediated by Technology (NL)

2007  Trust and Interdependency, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki (FI)



2016 Scotland Year of Architecture, Peacock Art Centre Commission

2016 Cutting Room and Phoenix Leicester Commission

2014-2016 Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow, TU & UdK, Berlin

2012 IDI Design Awards, HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin (Catalog)

2011 Irish Internet Association Award for The Open Data Challenge, NDRC, Dublin

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes Commission, IPI, Mação, (PT)

2008 DGArtes, Direcção-Geral das Artes/MC, Ministério da Cultura, (PT)

2007 Keys Commission, Arnolfini & Knowle West Media Centre, (UK)

2007 Gulbenkian Grant, (UK) and (PT)

2006 Brunel 200 Commission, (UK)

2006 Artist Bursary, James Martin Institute, Oxford (UK)

2005 Star Radio Commission, (WAL)

2005 DTI, Department of Trade and Industry, Art and Technology Grant (UK)

2005 Creative Bristol Commission, Bristol, (UK)

2002 Locws Festival Commission (WAL)

2000-2004 PhD Scholarship Grant, The Open University, (UK)



2016 Under New Moons, We Stand Strong, by Silvia Casini, Furtherfield

2012 What do you want your city to be? Review HACK-THE-CITY, Idea Lab by Davin O’Dwyer, Irish Times

2012 Cities: Metropolitan mash-up, Review of HACK-THE-CITY by Antony King in Nature

2007 BBC Online Come Outside

2005 BBC Online MEASC Review



2016 ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Conference Reviewer

2013-16 CoAx  International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics, Conference Reviewer

2013-15 NIME  New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Conference Reviewer

2014 Transmediale Flusser Residency, Jury Member

2007-09 IJME  International Journal of Music Education, Editorial Board

2007-09 BJME British Journal of Music Education, Editorial Board

2006-08 ISME  International Society for Music Education  (Web adviser)