Teresa Dillon is an artist and researcher.


Recent/Next Up:

2024, Repair Acts: A Manuel For Pluralistic Endeavours, Invited talk, Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, 8th May

2024, Urban Hosts, Curation/moderation, Berlin, 14th May

2024, Conviviality and Hosting, Talk, Discourse Dinner, Floating University, 29th May

2024, Turning the Collar, Screening, Esc Return, Panke Gallery, Berlin, 1-2nd June

2024, No School, Talk and Workshop, Never, 1-7th July

2024, Matters of Material Maintenance, Invited keynote, Durham Institute of Energy, Durham University, 1oth July



2021-, studio repair acts , Community studio programme exploring repair, care, maintenance and healing cultures based in Ireland

2020- Liminal Routes, Mixtapes for the City

2013- Urban Hosts, Provoking and promoting conversations about urban governance and city living

2018- Repair Acts, Pluralistic, artist-led research programme that explores repair, care, maintenance and healing cultures based at the University of the West of England

2016- Professor of City Futures, School of Art and Design, University of West England (UWE), Bristol

2020- Member of the spatial collective Soft Agency

2020- Co-founder of sound research group Resonant Ecologies




2024, Protest in Motion: Resilient Wearables: Designing Decentralised Guerrila Networks, transmediale festival, Studio Weise7, Weisestraße 7, 12049 Neukölln, Berlin, 1st Feb, 11.00 CET

2023, Urban Hosts, Block Party, 10th Anniversary, Berlin 23-24 Sept

2023, ‘Athrú, an Invocation’, Group Show, New work, LUAN Gallery, Opening 7th July – 7th Sept

2023, Speculative Properties, Berlin, Adalbertstr. 9, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg, 16th-18th June

2023, Soft Agency with MOULD, Lethaby Gallery, St Saint Martins, London, 9-10 Mar

2022, MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life, PIKSEL, Norway, 17-20 Nov

2022, Caring for Repairing, Repair Acts, Ireland, Site based Installation & Exhibition, Kilbeggan, 3-6th Nov

2022, Eternally Yours, An Exhibition about Repair, Care and HealingSomerset House, London, 16 June-25 Sept

2022, In Your Aerial, Forest of Antennas, Oceans of Waves, Berlin, 11th Sept

2021-22, Tales of Care and Repair, Online

2021, MINERAL COMPRESSION, Pop-pop-kultur, Berlin, 27th Sept, Berlin

2021, Calling Into the Now, Opening Ritual Performance, Climate Care, Floating University, 3rd Sept, Berlin

2021, Soft Agency, Roskilde Festival Højskole,

2020 New Political Thoughts, Public Intervention as part of Vertical – Horizon, Curated by Art Republic, Olso, Norway 16-18 Oct

2020 ‘So, I touched you Afar’, Bike Bulletin, Public Intervention as part of Bike Bulletin, Pandemic Series by Conway and Young, Bristol

2020 A Eulogy to This Ground, Mixed Media/Online installation and ritual, Nuit Blanche/Nanterre, Paris, 3 Oct

2020 Cleansing the Pipes Online Ritual, New Alphabet School, Caring, HKW, M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung and Soft Agency, Berlin, 14 Jun

2019 MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life, Performance, Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, 29-30 Aug

2019 AMHARC, SURVEILLÉ·E·S, Solstice Art Centre, Navan, 12 Jan-1 Mar

2018 AMHARC, SURVEILLÉ·E·S, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 14 Sept-16 Dec

2018 MTCD – A Visual Anthology of My Machine Life, Transmediale, Face Value,  Berlin, 31 Jan-2 Feb

2017, Sound of the Day, whereveryoufindit.net, Online exhibition

2016, Opimilk (with Naomi Griffin-Murtagh, Claire Dempsey and Aisling McCrudden), Human Factor, DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum, Berlin, 1 Jul-27 Aug

2015-2016 Opimilk (with Naomi Griffin-Murtagh, Claire Dempsey and Aisling McCrudden), Materia Prima, LABoral, Gijón, 14 Nov ’15-8 May ’16

2014 ADIP, YOU MIGHT BE A DOG, LEAP, Berlin, 15 May-6 Jun

2013-2015 Opimilk (with Naomi Griffin-Murtagh, Claire Dempsey and Aisling McCrudden), Projekt Genesis, Ars Electronica, Futurelab, Linz, 1 Aug ’13-Sept ’15

2012 Sounds Like Here, HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin, 22 Jun-8 Aug

2009 PopUp Landscapes, EME3, Collapse, CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Barcelona, 19-21 Mar

2008 N.I.P., O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo

2008 Spike Island Studio Open Studios, Bristol, 4-7 May

2007 It’s a Loving Baby, AY AHALI! / Setting a Setting / Letting a Setting Go, Can Altay, Spike Island, Bristol

2006 Taking Ground, Brunel 200, Bristol

2005 Star Gone Tones, Star Radio, National Museum of Cardiff, Cardiff

2005 MEASC, Creative Bristol, Bristol

2003 Enduring Love, Experimentica 03, G39 Gallery/Chapter Arts, Cardiff

2002 Paul&Paula, Locws Festival 2 (as part of Paul + Paula), Swansea



2024, Three Works of Gean & Aire, Film Screening of Go Deo, They Gathered Rushes & Turning the Collar. Followed by panel discussion with filmaker Amanda Ebge. Watershed Cinema, Bristol, 19th March 18.00

2017 Are You Still Watching? Arnolfini, Festival of the Future City, Bristol, 20 Oct

2016 Under New Moons, We Stand Strong, Peacock Visual Arts Centre & Seventeen, Aberdeen, 5-28 May



2018-ongoing Repair Acts

2013-ongoing Urban Hosts



2020-onoging Liminal Routes, Mixtapes for the City

2016 #make stream, transmediale, Berlin

2016 STATE, The Sentimental Machine, Berlin


2012 HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin

2008-11 UM Festival, Lisbon, Oporto, Dublin

2007 OFFLOAD: Systems for Survival, Bristol



2016- Professor of City Futures, School of Art & Design, UWE, Bristol

2014-2016 Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow, Technische Universität & Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin

2012-2013 Course Coordinator & Lecturer, Idea Translation Lab (HACK THE CITY & Synthetic Biology), Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin in partnership with Harvard University & Le Laboratoire, Paris

2009 Media Art Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon

2007-2009 Lecturer & MA Supervisor, Arts, Culture, Education MA, Department of Education, Cambridge University

2004-2006 Visiting Lecturer, Bristol University

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University (UK), Summer School

2002 Visiting Lecturer, Sheffield University, Music Department

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University (UK), Summer School

1999-2000 Research Assistant, Strathclyde University, Glasgow



2024, Repair Coalition, Bristol Gathering, 19th March, 13.00-17.30

2024, Tunings and Attending, Coffee Talk, Faro Convention Network, 26th Feb, 15.00 GMT

2024, Urban Hosts, Ground Floor, Bezirkszentralbibliothek Pablo Neruda, Frankfurter Allee 14A, 10247 Berlin, Berlin, 31st Jan, 14th May, 31st Oct, 10th Dec, 18-20.00, CET

2024, Protest in Motion: Resilient Wearables: Designing Decentralised Guerrila Networks, transmediale festival, Studio Weise7, Weisestraße 7, 12049 Neukölln, Berlin, 1st Feb, 11.00 CET

2024, Repair Acts, Digital Dialogue Series, International Civic Society Centre, Berlin’s and Civic Tech Africa, 1st Feb, 16-17.00 CET **online registeration

2023, They Gathered Rushes, Workshop and Screening, Kilbeggan, Ireland, 21st Dec

2023, Urban Hosts, Berlin, 8 Jun, 28 Mar, 7 Feb

2023, My Hardware, My Choice!, GIG, 10th Anniversary, Berlin 2 June

2023, Soft Agency, Bodies, Care, Conflicts and Commitments Conference, Barcelona, 28 Apr

2022, Caring for Repairing, National College Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin, 28th Sept

2022, In Your Aerial, Forest of Antennas, Oceans of Waves Conference, Berlin, 23-25th Sept

2022, European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Conference, Belfast, 26-29 July

2022, JUST AI, Sustainability and The Ethics Repair, July 14-15th

2022, No School, Lectures/workshops/events, Nevers, 4-17th July

2022, Repair Acts, Ireland, Various Workshops, Online and across Westmeath, Ireland, Feb-Sept

2022, Songs of the Sky, Moderator Artist Talk, C/O Amerika-Haus, Hardenbergstraße 22–24, 10623 Berlin, 7th April

2022, TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR, Publication Launch, The Workshop Studio 5, 1 Canon’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5TX, 25th Feb

2022, In the Midst of Concrete Monsters and What We Can Learn from an Urban Lake, Phoenix Project Conference, Sapienza University, Rome, 18-21st Jan

2021, Moderator & Producer, TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR Online Conference and Exhibition, 8-9th Nov (online)

2021, TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR, Local Repair Economies Seminar as part of International Repair Day, 16th Oct

2021, TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR, Various workshops, 4-18th Oct, Bristol

2021, Soft Agency at Copenhagen Architecture Festival,  Landscapes of Care, 7-17 Oct, Copenhagen

2021, Repair Declaration Workshop, TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR with Bristol Green Capital Partnership, 7th Oct, Bristol

2021, Urban Hosts, Climate Care, Floating University, 8th Sept, Berlin

2021, Moderator, Prototyping AI ethics futures: Data, AI and environment, Ada Lovelace Institute, JUST AI, 22 June, 13-14.30, (online)

2021, Call Into the Now, Guided Visual Mediation, Workshop at Floating University, 28th June, 10-13.00, Berlin

2021, Presentation and Workshop, No School, 5th July, Nevers

2021, Conversation with MOULD (Anthony Powis, Becca Voelcker, Jeremy Till), DCRC Seminar Series, 14th July, 17.00 (online/details forthcoming)

2021, Stream If You Want to Die Faster, Container Magazine, Podcast with Mél Hogan, Sharlene Gandhi, Jenny Brennan and Corinne Stuart (online from April 2021)

2021, Personal Data Economies, SWCTN Data Showcase, Keynote Conversation with Prof Stacey-Ann Elvy and Denis “Jaromil” Roio, 26th March (online)

2021, Data, Climate Change and Environmental Justice, SWCTN Data Showcase, Panel Conversation with Hannah Meszaros-Martin, Maria Isabel Espinoza and Jaya Chakrabarti, 26th March (online)

2021 Face Unlock: Intersectional histories of facial recognition systems, data and profiling. Live Online for Watershed Lunchtime Talks, 5th March, Recorded here

2020 Liquid Loss, Conversation & Workshop Online as part of Remembrance Day For Lost Species, 6 Dec

2020 Empires and Ecologies of the Cloud, Conversation, transmediale, Berlin, 31 Jan, 15.30-17.30

2020 Repair Economies: Creating restorative futures, Talk, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, 24 Jan, 13.00

2019 In Your Aerial, Launch and Presentation, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol, 2nd Oct

2019 Infrastructure as Commons, Neglected Histories of Community Networks in Bristol, Creativity, Cities, Knowledge, Watershed, Bristol, 12-13 Sept

2019 The Force Majeure: Selected readings on climate change, Climate Care, Floating University, Berlin 1-10 Aug

2019 No School, Conversation and Workshops, Nevers, 1-14th July

2019 Formats of Care, Conversation and Workshop, Berlin, 14-15 June

2019 My Square Mile, Panel Presentation,7th EUGEO Congress, Galway, 15-19th May

2019 Dancing with the Dog: Interspecies cadence and urban life, Invited lecture at the Environmental Justice Research Unit, Cardiff Uni, 14th May

2019 Repair Acts, Public conversation, re:publica, Berlin, 7th May

2019 MC/Host, RADMIN – A Festival of Administration, Bristol, Feb 14-16

2018 Repair Acts, Care, Reuse and Maintenance Cultures with Amanortey Kisseih re:publica, Accra, Ghana, Dec 14-15

2018 The Art of Sonic Deception, Conference Interface Politics 2 – After Post-Truth, Barcelona, Nov 28-29

2018 RepairActs, Falmouth, Oct 18-19

2018 Making Futures, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, Sept 7-13

2018 Crafting Admin, Performing Bureaucracy, Urbanize! Berlin, Oct 9

2018 RepairActs, London Design Fair, London, Sept 20-23

2018  In conversation with Professor Elke Krasny on RepairActs, Make City Festival, Berlin, 20 Jun

2018 The Civic Labs (moderator), Make City Festival, Berlin, 15 Jun

2018 Screening Donna Haraway: Story Telling For Earthly Survival by Fabrizio Terranova at Cube Cinema, Bristol and discussion with artists Matana Roberts and Kelly Jayne Jones, 3 May, Bristol

2018  Repair Cultures, Refrag, Paris, 28-31st Mar

2018  Repair Cultures, New Delhi, 26-28th Mar

2018  Repair Cultures, Bristol, 13 Mar

2017 Aesthetics of Repair (Migratory Art), Panel at Screen City Biennial, Stavanger

2017 Sound of the Breakdown, Keynote at International Festival and Conference on Sound in the Arts, Science and Technology, Dundalk

2017 Listening to the ‘smart’ city: A story about the inaudible, Invited artist talk at PLASMA, University at Buffalo, Buffalo

2016 Various, Transmediale, Berlin

2015 Superglue, stART Symposium, EU Commission, Brussels

2013 Artistic Practices within Cities, Invited Speaker, EcoCity World Summit, Nantes

2013 Rogue Troopers Panel and Synthetic Scenarios & Stories Workshop, ISEA, Sydney

2013 Network Utopias with Danja Vasiliev, Fine Arts School, Oporto & The University of Coimbra, Coimbra

2012 StudioLab Symposium, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

2012 Ignite, Science Gallery, Dublin

2011 ‘NOISE’ at D.A.T.A 47, (Dublin Art Technology Association), Dublin

2010 Launch of Interfereze Journal of Sound Cultures, Science Gallery, Dublin

2010 Artist Lecture, Toronto School of Art & 7a11d Performance Festival, Toranto

2010 Keynote Presentation, Gear Festival, Coimbra

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Leeds Festival of Design Activism, Leeds

2008 It’s all about the position baby! Art, Virtual Platform, Amsterdam

2007  Trust and Interdependency, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki



2014 Producer on Superglue by Danja Vasiliev, Joscha Jaeger & Michael Zeder with zerbamine & VERBALVISUAL supported by WORM, Greenhost

2006-2009 Wireframe Designer and educational researcher for BBC on Participate and Participate Schools

2003-2006 Co-designer, theorist and researcher on various experimental and emerging educational tech Futurelab, Bristol



2020-21, Creative Ireland, Climate Action, Repair Acts, Ireland with Dr. Alma Clavin and Westmeath County Council

2020 British Council, COP 26 Creative Commission with Ravi Agarwal, Toxic Links and Fred Paulino, Gambiologia

2018 SWTCN, Research England, UK

2017 RepairActs, Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK

2016 Scotland Year of Architecture, Peacock Art Centre Commission, SCT

2016 Cutting Room and Phoenix Leicester Commission, UK

2014-2016 Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow, TU & UdK, Berlin, DE

2012 IDI Design Awards, HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin (Catalog), IRL

2011 Irish Internet Association Award for The Open Data Challenge, NDRC, Dublin, IRL

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes Commission, IPI, Mação, (PT), Tomar Uni, PT

2008 DGArtes, Direção-Geral das Artes/MC, Ministério da Cultura, PT

2007 Keys Commission, Arnolfini & Knowle West Media Centre, UK

2007 Gulbenkian Grant, UK and PT

2006 Brunel 200 Commission, UK

2006 Artist Bursary, James Martin Institute, Oxford, UK

2005 Star Radio Commission (Jennie Savage), WAL

2005 DTI, Department of Trade and Industry, Art and Technology Grant, UK

2005 Creative Bristol Commission, Bristol, UK

2002 Locws Festival Commission (as Paul+Paula), WAL

2000-2004 PhD Scholarship Grant, The Open University, UK



2022, Persons To Watch in Ireland in 2022, Irish Times

2019 CCTV, Cameras, Robots and Urban Animals, Interview with Regine Debatty, we-make-money-not-art

2018, A Multiple Prompt Approach: Interview with Teresa Dillon with Fiona Shipwright, Making Futures

2016 Under New Moons, We Stand Strong, by Silvia Casini, Furtherfield

2012 What do you want your city to be? Review HACK-THE-CITY, Idea Lab by Davin O’Dwyer, Irish Times

2012 Cities: Metropolitan mash-up, Review of HACK-THE-CITY by Antony King in Nature

2007 BBC Online Come Outside

2005 BBC Online MEASC Review



2020 Centre Culturel Irlandais, Artist Residency, 6 Feb-1 April

2015 Helsinki Design Week

2014 Museum Quartier 21 with Artistic Bokeh, Vienna

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Transformations Project, IPI, Mação, Portugal

2009 Hangar, Barcelona

2008 Finnish Institute Art Grant and FRAME/HIAP

2008 O Espaço Do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, N.I.P., (New Interfaces for Performance)

2007 STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music), N.I.P. (New Interfaces for Performance), Amsterdam



2016 ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Conference Reviewer

2013-16 CoAx  International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics, Conference Reviewer

2013-15 NIME  New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Conference Reviewer

2014 Transmediale Flusser Residency, Jury Member

2007-09 IJME  International Journal of Music Education, Editorial Board

2007-09 BJME British Journal of Music Education, Editorial Board

2006-08 ISME International Society for Music Education  (Web adviser)