Cleansing Rituals for the Internet v.1


Tubes, lines, pipes, connectors of fibre, submarine communications chains and forked paths, colonial plumbing circumnavigating the globe. Infrastructures support us to exchange and communicate. What stories do they hold?

Casting telecom-spells, this performance takes the form of an online guided mediation and visioning. Activating our their collective imaginaries, we travel through the superhighways of the Internet and World Wide Web, following the pulse of the data transmission through land sites, soil and sea.

Post each performance a group conversation is facilitated on the histories of the Internet, its environmental and colonial footprint and the costs it takes to keep the Net and web going.

Premiered as part of the New Alphabet School, #4 Care, 14 June 2020 with participants from Germany, Argentina, Israel, Australia and the UK.

CSS visualisation: Kaisa Molga

Image credit: Fiona Shipwright