Site-specific, 3-hr durational performance and installation.
Part-live art, installation and dystopian film set, Measc took place for four days in the oldest Methodist chapel in the world, John Wesley New Rooms, which sits in the heart of Bristol’s shopping area Broadmead. Drawing on the history of the building and it’s location, Bristol’s mercantile past and contemporary consumer culture. Measc created a performative mash-up, involving nine-performers and audience members who traversed the building with tagged RFID (radio frequency identification tags) maps, which allowed both performers and audience to trigger media (sound, music, image and graphics) across the space.


Wood, card table, chalk, 5 x microphones, 3 x projectors, 3 flat LED screens, 7 active RFID readers, 300 RFID tagged maps, 3 x PA, 1 x amp, 3 x computers, 2 x 18 channel mixing desks, circular wooden party table, green dog bowls, sailing rope, multiple plastic party dining sets, pink sand, coats, hats, running shoes, shoes, paper, pens, paper boxes, shopping trolley, canned food, builders working lights, builders working belt, 1 x pumkin, 1 x duvet, 2 x pillows, flour, plants, plastic bags, 2 x clip boards, 2 x white shop coats, broken computer monitors, disused speakers, punch bowl, punch mix, bottles of booze, can of juice, party snacks and rubbish collected from large department stores


Concept/direction and stage design: Teresa Dillon
Technical Coordinator: Maarten De Laat
Music: Luke Goss
Sound: Kathy Hinde
Projections: Rod MacLachlan
Graphic animation and print: Philip O’Dwyer
Performers: James Kennard, Swen Steinhauser, Alex Alderton, Imogen Knight, Anthea Lewis, Antoine Fravel, Gary Clarke, Helen Hewitt, Nina Wylie
Technical Support: Dan Powell
Technical adviser: Hans Daanan, Mobile Bristol/HP Labs
Production Support: Adriana Meirelles
Photo documentation: Adam Faraday
Video documentation: Kathy Hinde


John Wesley New Rooms, Bristol, Broadmead, 19-22nd October, 2005


Alien Technologies, Integrated Product Intelligence, The Mobile Bristol Centre, HP Labs, Sony UK and the Arnolfini and The John Wesley New Room, Bristol.

Commissioned by

Bristol City Council as part of Creative Bristol. Creative Bristol is an initiative of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, Arts Council England South West, Bristol City Council and Business West with support from The National Lottery and the Millennium Commission.