Slate Tracks

Slate Tracks was created by customising an existing USB record player, to play and amplify, stone slate records. The slate records have been made using recycled roof slate taken from outhouses in rural Ireland. The slates were cut and chiseled into 7-inch record-shape. Each slate is placed on one of the custom made record base and amplified using varying sized colored, paper and plastic cones, with steel needles at each end. This produces an effect is similar to old gramophones.

The different cones allow for different ranges of sound to be produced from the slate, while the different needles allow for the materiality and texture of the slates to be expressed. The record bases also have a built in microphone and jack output, which allow for mixing and sampling the slate sounds. The performance is constructed by changing the cones and building up a progressive and minimal ‘slate’ piece.


Tim Redfern (software)



Interferenze, New Arts Festival, Bisaccia, Italy, 23-25 July 2010