Urban Knights / 2014

The ‘black box’ refers to a system or device whereby the transfer characteristics (the input/output) maybe known or visible but the internal workings & influences upon these characteristics is unknown.

Contemporary cities are increasingly becoming like a black box.

Urban Knights is a programme of events, which provokes and promotes practical approaches to urban governance and city living. The programme brings together people (designers, architects, activists, artists, lawyers, city councillors, researchers, urban planners) who are actively producing alternatives to our given city infrastructures, norms and perceptions. Through revealing the characteristics, which define urban governance and illustrate new approaches to civic life.  In presenting such works, Urban Knights aims to provoke different ways of experiencing and thinking about how we perceive, live and organise our current and future urban societies.

Full programme details: Berlin & Vienna, 2014

Urban Knights

Speakers 2014

Jaromil, Jürgen Neumann, Emer Coleman, Danja Vasiliev, Theodore Ullrich, Valentia Karga, Shriya Malhotra, Bastian Lange, Michelle Teran, Rosario Talevi, G Beaudin, Padarocks, Hans Bernhard, Theresa Schütz