Urban Knights / 2016

Urban Knights is a programme of events, which provokes and promotes practical approaches to urban governance and city living. The programme brings together people (designers, architects, activists, artists, lawyers, city councillors, researchers, urban planners) who are actively producing alternatives to our given city infrastructures, norms and perceptions.

To date Urban Knights has taken place in Dublin (2013), Berlin (2013, ’14, ’15) and Vienna (2014, ’15) with speakers  from across Europe, US, India and Australia presenting their work and workshops covering topics such as Unpleasant Design, Feral Trade and Internet Politics.

For the 2016 programme four editions will be held, two in Berlin, one in Vienna and one in Aberdeen. Each edition will focus on a different theme and include:

Berlin, Mar 29th: digital craft practices, crowdwork and collective urban action. Speakers, Florian Alexander Schmidt [DE] , André Gonçalves [PT]  and Kerem Halbrecht [IL/DE]

Aberdeen, May 5th (forthcoming)

Vienna, May (forthcoming)

Berlin, Oct 25th (forthcoming)



Urban Knights, Aberdeen will take place at Seventeen Gallery in partnership with Peacock Visual Arts with support from Scotland’s Festival of Architecture 2016.