UM Festival / 2011

UM presents international and experimental intermedia art practices. The work selected for UM focuses on our contemporary worlds, cultures and lifestyles. Emphasis is placed on how technology and digital craft mediates, reveals and extends our senses, emotions and perceptions.

This is achieved through the presentation of established and emerging artists and musicians work within the exhibition, club and performance programme. With contributors from the fields such as science, architecture, design, the humanities and social science presented within the talks and workshops schedule.

Each year the festival is guided by a theme, which influences the type of work selected, themes to date:

2008: Gesture

2009: Landscape

2011: Desire

Established in Lisbon, in 2008, the first and second edition of UM took the form of a four-day festival, including exhibition, workshops, talks, concerts, performances and public art commissions. In 2011 given the emphasis on desire and it’s fleeting quality, the festival will run over one day and one night only in Oporto and Dublin – resulting in a concentrated format and experience.



Full programme details

UM | 2011
28 May: Dublin | 5 Nov: Oporto

Artists, Practitioners, Speakers

Alan Butler, Jack Wrigley, Sarah Milne, Robbie Thomson, Jaygo Bloom, Joan Healy, Sonia Cillari, Terike Haapoja, Paul Granjon, Bass Clef, Duran, Duran, Duran, Sunken Foal, Struqen, Mark Maquire & Rachel O’Dwyer

Hosted and supported by

Block T and Passos Manuel