UM Festival / 2009

UM 2009 was a four-day media art festival including exhibition, workshops, talks, concerts, performances and public works.

Involving international and national artists, musicians, academics, designers, architects and practitioners the programme emphasises cross-over, experimental and socially engaged practices, which take risks, extend ideas and bring together different approaches and techniques.

For the 2009 edition the thematic focus was on the concept of ‘landscape’.  The notion of the landscape originated from the 15th century, where ‘landschaft’ was used to describe a shaped or domesticated land. The word was later used by the Dutch, in the 17th century, where ‘landschap‘ or ‘landskip‘ was used to describe a painting of a particular place, which was perceived as a scope or space. Today the word is commonly coupled with notions of place, nature, view, scenery, environment, as well as romantic or nostalgic notions of the rural.

Within the social sciences and humanities landscape also refers to the complex social construction of how space is organised and produced.  On a fundamental level, landscape is about human presence in the world, it is what we ’see’, our panoramic, from any single (static or mobile) point of view. In this respect landscape can be considered an constructive process, it is a way of seeing the world and our imagined relations to it. It is an active process, whereby the external world is mediated through human subjective experience, this in turn not only informs our sense of reality and self but also enables us to act, to move, to transform – to use our illusions.

The works selected for the exhibition, talks, workshops and performances explored this by considering the inter-relationships that inform the perception and construction of notions of landspace. Special attention has been placed on works which directly or indirectly address the extension of our perceptual facilities and how they assist us to processes our relations within the world.  In particular the works selected conceptually address issues of awareness, information and control, mediation and empowerment, loss and disappearance, habit and tradition. In their form and aesthetic they are objects, techniques and tools which provide the space to allow for the consideration of alternatives, informing us of our position, differences and the limits, which can open or close possible landscapes and realities.


Full programme details

UM 2009
Lisbon (city-wide)
12-15 Nov 2009 (exhibition running until 23 Nov)

Artists, Practitoners & Speakers

André Gonçalves, John Klima, Julius von Bismarck, Sanda Dick & Lukas Hartman, Torsten Posselt, Benijamin Maus, Frederic Gmeiner, Infitive Livez, Team Brick, Kapulto, Alfredo Carajillo, Gabriel Ferrandini, DJ Sniff, Mr. Gasparov, Bass Clef, Carsten Stabenow, Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch, Terike Haapoja, STEIM, Unsworn Industries,  Jussi Ängeslevä, QuJunktions

Supported by

ZDB, MusicBox, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Communication and Design Department, CIEAM and Multimedia Department, Parq Magazine, QuJunktions,
Digital Media Class, The Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin/UdK), Germany, STEIM, The Netherlands & Y-Dreams