Social and educational psychologist who works as curator, educator and artist

Directs and curates events, which critically reflect on the influences and implications of techno-civic systems on our everyday lives

Creates performances, fake raps, explores sound and writes about making music, sound and noise in urban spaces

Designs and develops learning environments and educational software

Overarching themes include a focus on survival, systems thinking, adaption, trust relationships, ritual and resistance

Lives in cities

Exhibited: Ars Electronica, Pixelache, Science Gallery, Dublin, Enter_Festival
Curated: OFFLOAD Festival, UM Festival, N.I.P. Network, HACK-THE-CITY & Urban Knights
Presented: Virtual Platform, ISCAR, Earli, ISEA, Transmediale, Ars Electronica, Eco City Summit
Published: Guardian Online and academic journals such as Psychology of Music, Computers & Education, International Journal of Educational Research
Press: BBC online, Nature Magazine, Wired Magazine
Worked: Science Gallery, Dublin; NDRC, Dublin; Futurelab, UK; BBC, UK
Taught: Trinity College Dublin, The Open University & Cambridge University



2013 Urban Knights, Science Gallery, Dublin & BetaHaus, Berlin (DE) More details: Urban Knights

2012 HACK-THE-CITY, Exhibition & Programme, Lead Curator, Science Gallery (IRL)

2008, 2009 & 2011 UM Festival, City-wide, Lisbon, Oporto & Dublin (PT/IRL)

2009 Spinning Jenny, Fashion Show, Art & Music, Hangar, Barcelona (SP)

2007-2010 N.I.P. New Interfaces for Performance, European Touring Network (FI, PT, UK, NL, SCL)

2007 OFFLOAD: Systems for Survival, Bristol (UK)

2006-2008 Venn Art Trail, Venn Festival, Bristol, (UK)

2005 Measc, Site-specific performance, Bristol, (UK)



2013 APOCAPULCO, Car-Crash Poetics with Neil Addison, Bjarte Alvestad and Jeroen Nieuwland

2012 Sounds Like Here, HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, (IRL)

2010 MTD, Kunsthole, Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, (IRL)

2010 Small Acts of Great Significance with Roy Mitchell, Andrew J. Paterson, Ken Fraser and Joe Borowiec, 7a11d Festival, Toranto, (CA)

2010 Spoilt with Tim Redfern, Joan Healy, Tom Verbruggen, André Gonçalves, Laetitia Morais, RM Hubbert, Nera Bello Spudd, Peacock Visual Arts, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Aberdeen (SCT)

2010 MTD, Culture Night Dublin, Market Studios, Livestock, (IRL)

2010 Slate Tracks v.1. demo performance with Tim Redfern, Interferze Festival, (IT)

2010 MTD, with Joan Healy, Working Man’s Club, Silgo, (IRL)

2008 MTD with Rasha Shaheen & Yoshino Shigihara, Kino Café, Bristol, (UK)

2008 something almost happened here, Infr’Action – Festival International d’Art Performance, Sete, (FR)

2008 haha tears, Bristol, (UK)

2008 BOP with Kathy Hinde, Bomba Suicida Studio, Lisbon, UM Festival, (PT), 2008

2008 BOP with Kathy Hinde, Pixelache Festival, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, (FI)

2007 BOP with Kathy Hinde, Venn, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, (UK)

2007 BOP with Kathy Hinde, STEIM, Amsterdam, (NL)

2007 Taking Ground with Kathy Hinde, Swen Steinhauser, Tanya Steinhauser, Dominic Fyett & Mary Southcott, Brunel 200 Commission, Bristol, (UK)

2007 Come Outside with Kathy Hinde, Philip O’Dwyer, Maarten De Laat & Tom Bugs, Enter_ Festival, Cambridge, (UK)

2005 Star Gone Tones, Star Radio, Cardiff, (WAL)

2004 Dreams of If and Then with IMTMJ, The Arches, Machinista Festival, Glasgow, (SCT)

2003 Enduring Love supported by Paul Jeff as Paul+Paula, Experimentica 3, Chapter Arts/G39 Gallery, Cardiff, Wales

2003 Madeline Project with Paul Jeff as Paul+Paula, PARIP conference, Bristol, (UK)

2002 The Drifting Document’ with Paul Jeff as Paul+Paula, Locws Festival 2, Swansea, (WAL)

2001 Polis, as part of Pearson/Brookes et al, Sparkasse, Darmstadt (DE)

2001 Polis, as part of Pearson/Brookes et al, Chapter Arts Cardiff, (WAL)

2000 7:7, Bl/Breeding Ground Festival, Chapter Arts, (WAL)

1999 Works in Progress – Age of Innocence, A users Manuel, Workers Playtime’ with Pearson/Brookes et al, Chapter Arts, Cardiff, (WAL)



2014-2013 Opimilk, Science Gallery with Naomi Griffin-Murtagh, Claire Dempsey & Aisling McCrudden, Projekt Genesis, Ars Electronica, Futurelab, Linz (AT) More details:Opimilk

2012 Sounds Like Here, HACK-THE-CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin, (IRL)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes Exhibition with lok Arquitecture & Tuomo Tammenpaa, Mação, (PT)

2009 Do you believe? Encountering Residency, Breda, (NL)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes with lok Arquitecture & Tuomo Tammenpaa EME3, Collapse, CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Barcelona, (SP)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes & Wiki Urban Planning, Hanger, Barcelona with lok Arquitecture, Tuomo Tammenpaa & Peter Tattersall, (SP)

2008 Water Well, v1, N.I.P., O Espaço do Tempo, (PT)

2008 where is the line with you, Spike Island Studio Opening, Bristol, (UK), 2008

2007 seeing at a distance, Arnolfini and Knowle West Media Centre Opening, Bristol, (UK)

2007 ‘…it’s a loving baby’ Spike Island as part of s part of Can Altay’s installation/ presentation series, ‘AY AHALI! / Setting a Setting / Letting a Setting Go’, at Spike Island, (UK)

2005 Star Gone Tones, Star Radio, National Museum of Cardiff, Cardiff, (WAL)

2003 Enduring Love, Experimentica 03, G39 Gallery/Chapter Arts, Cardiff, (WAL)

2003 Madeline Project as Paul+Paula, PARIP conference, Bristol, (UK)

2002 The Drifting Document’ as Paul+Paula, Locws Festival 2, Swansea, (WAL)



2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Transformations Project, IPI, Mação, (PT)

2009 Encountering Residency, Breda, (NL)

2009 Hangar, Barcelona, (SP)

2008 Finnish Institute Art Grant and FRAME/HIAP (FI)

2008 O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, N.I.P., (New Interfaces for Performance), (PT)

2007 STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music), N.I.P. (New Interfaces for Performance), Amsterdam, (NL)



2012 HACK-THE-CITY, Catalog, Science Gallery, Dublin.

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2012-2013 Course Coordinator & Lecturer, Idea Translation Lab, Science Gallery, Dublin in partnership with Harvard & Le Laboratoire, Paris

2009 Visiting Lecturer, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, (PT)

2007-2009 Visiting Lecturer & MA Supervisor, Cambridge University, Education Department (Arts, Culture, Education MA), (UK)

2004-2006 Visiting Lecturer, Bristol University

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University, Summer School, (UK)

2002 Visiting Lecturer, Sheffield University, Psychology Department, (UK)

2001-2003 Psychology Tutor, The Open University, Summer School, (UK)

1999-2000 Research Assistant/Full-time, Strathclyde University, (SCT), 1999-2000



2013 ISEA, Rogue Troopers: Designing Functional and Fictional Disruptions, Sydney, (AU)

2011 UM Festival, Panel Talks, Dublin, (IRL)

2010-2011 Inventorium, Various Digital Symposium, (IRL/WAL)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Seminar, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Panel, Hangar, Barcelona

2009 UM Festival, Panel Talks, Lisbon, (PT)

2008 UM Festival, Panel Talks, Lisbon, (PT)

2007 OFFLOAD Festival, Panel Talks, Bristol, (UK)

2007 N.I.P, Panel Talks, Amsterdam, (NL)

2007 N.I.P., Christina Kubish & Lotta Melin, Artist Talks, Lisbon, (PT)

2007 N.I.P, Panel Talks, Bristol, (UK)

2005 Educational Technology Symposium, First International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR), Seville, Spain

2004 Free, Libre, Open Source Software for Education, NESTA Futurelab, Lakewood Conference Centre, Blagdon, Bristol, (UK)

2004 Machinista Artificial Intelligence and Life Seminar, Scottish Science Centre, Glasgow, (SCT)

2002 Creativity, Collaboration and Technology in the social construction of knowledge, International Conference on Social-Cultural and Activity Theory, ISCRAT, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2001 Collaboration and learning in creative contexts, Communication, Problem Solving and Learning Conference, University of Strathclyde, SCT

2001 Contemporary Music Practices, The Open University, Milton Keynes, (UK)



2013 ‘Taking Control’ Artists Interventions with Cities in The city as a lab: examples of successful mobilization, World Summit of EcoCities, Nantes, France

2013 Rogue Troopers: Designing Functional and Fictional Disruptions with Amanda MacDonald Crowley, Paul Granjon & Peter Hall, ISEA, Syndey (AU)

2013 Artist lecture with Danja Vasiliev, Fine Art University, Oporto, (PT)

2012 Ignite, Science Gallery, Dublin, (IRL)

2011 DATA 47, Dublin Art Technology Association, (IRL)

2011 StudioLab, Ars Electronica, Linz (AT)

2010 Art Talk (online), Film Studies, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Tomar, (PT)

2010 Launch of Interfereze Journal of Sound Cultures, Science Gallery, Dublin, (IRL)

2010 Toronto School of Art & 7a11d Performance Festival, Toranto, (CA)

2010 Interfereze Festival, Artist Talk, (IT)

2010 Gear Festival, Keynote Presentation, (PT)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Leeds Festival of Design Activism, Leeds (UK)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Seminar, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol (UK)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Transformations Seminar, Maçao, (PT)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Planning Workshop and Talk, Hangar, Barcelona, (SP)

2008 Wild Combinations – Trust and Community Building within Artistic Practice, UM Festival, Lisbon, (PT)

2008 It’s all about the position, baby!, Location Virtual Platform, Amsterdam, Art, Mediated by Technology, The Netherlands, (NL)

2008 Trust and Interdependency, Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, (FI)

2007 N.I.P – New Interfaces for Performance, Artist Talk, STEIM, (NL)

2007 N.I.P. – New Interfaces for Performance, Artist Talk, Gallery Lisboa20, (PT)

2007 N.I.P. – New Interfaces for Performance, Artist Talk, Watershed, Bristol (UK)

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2006 The Art of Taggin, Invited Artist Talks, eSci/Grid Technology Seminar, Bristol University, Dept of Drama, Bristol (UK)

2006 Invited Artist Talk, Centre for Research on Networked Learning and Knowledge, University of Helsinki, (FI)

2006 Taggin’ Workshop’. Invited Artist workshop on databases and concepts of technological tagging, Bristol University, Drama Department, Bristol, (UK)

2006 Learners Experience Project, Paper Presentation at ALT-C, Edinburgh, (SCT)

2006 Crossing the boundaries: Art and Science, Invited Artist Talk, Tomorrow’s People: The Challenges of Technologies for Life Extension and Enhancement, James Martin Institute, Said Business School, Oxford, (UK)

2006 Invited Artist talk, Department of Media and Film, Sussex University, Brighton, (UK)

2006 Artistic practice, new media and research. Invited artist presentation, Trans- Reality Game Lab, Gotland, (SWE)

2006 ‘Learners Experience Project’, ALT-C, Edinburgh (SCT),  5th-7th September

2005 First International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR), Seville, (SP)

2005 Waves In; Particles Out. Key note presentation, Film and Education, Brighton, (UK)

2005 Speckled Skin. Presentation at the workshop on Speckled Computing and Arts, Edinburgh University, (SCT)

2004 Machinista (machine-arts festival), Keynote Overview of AI in Art, Seminar of Artificial Intelligence in the Arts. SECC, Glasgow, (SCT)

2004 Supporting collaborative and creative partnerships using new technologies Digital Dialogues Fostering Collaboration & Conversation in Education, The Showroom and Workstation, Sheffield, (UK)

2004 ESRC Seminar Series Educational Research & the Design of Interactive Media, Edinburgh, (SCT)

2004 Creating new collaborative prototypes for educations, Keynote at British Education Communication Technology Agency (BECTA), London, (UK)

2003 It’s in the mix baby; Paper presentation, 10th European Association for research on Learning and Instruction, Earli, Learning and Motivation, (IT)

2002 So what we goin’ to do? Understanding collaborative music technology compositions in formal and non-formal environments, 7th International Conference on Music, Cognition and Perception of Music, ICMPC, Sydney, (AU)

2002 Roehampton College, University of Surrey, (UK), 2 day, Lecture and workshop on music technology and video analysis given to research staff and student teachers

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2001 The role of grounding in collaborative music compositions. Paper presentation, 9th European Association for research on Learning and Instruction, Earli, Bridging Instruction to learning, Fribourg, (CH)

2001 Collaboration and learning in creative contexts. Paper presentation within symposium on ‘Collaboration and learning in creative contexts’, Communication, Problem Solving and Learning, University of Strathclyde, (SCT)

2000 An investigation into British secondary school music technology practices. Paper presentation, Research in Music Education, University of Exeter, (UK)

2000 The effects of music therapy on development and communication skills in two groups of moderate learning disabled children’. Poster presentation, 7th International Conference on Music, Cognition and Perception of Music, University of Keele, (UK)

1999 An investigation into the effects of music therapy on non-verbal communication within special needs education. Paper presentation, Conference on Music Education, University of Leicester, (UK)



2013 Synthetic Scenarios & Stories, ISEA, Sydney, (AU)

2013 ArtScience Lab, Le Laboratorie, Paris, (FR)

2012 Urban Labs, Adult Evening Course, Science Gallery, Dublin

2012 ArtScience Lab, Le Laboratorie, Paris, (FR)

2012 Distributed Systems Group, TCD, Dublin Green Watch, User Feedback Workshops, HACK THE CITY, Science Gallery,

2012 IBM, Sensing the City/EcoEyes, User Feedback Workshop, HACK THE CITY, Science Gallery

2012 Interactivos? 12, 17-day, Rapid Prototyping Lab Facilitator, HACK THE CITY, Science Gallery, (www.medialab-prado.es/article/cfp_interactivos_dublin_12)

2012 IdeaLab with Platoniq, Dublin City Council & mentors, 10-day Idea Generation Lab, HACK THE CITY, Science Gallery

2011 My Magnetic Sense with Tim Redfern, Primary School Workshop, Human+ Exhibition, Science Gallery, Dublin

2010-2011 Inventorium, Various Digital Idea Generation Workshops for professionals (www.inventorium.org)

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Communicating a Sense of Place, Primary School Workshops, Mação, (PT)

Pop-Up Landscapes & Wiki planning professional Workshop, Hangar, Barcelona, (SP), 2009

2006-2008 Participate, Various School/Environmental Sensor Workshops (www.participateschools.co.uk)

2003-2006 Futurelab, Various digital prototyping workshops (www.futurelab.org.uk)

2002-2003 Various Performing Arts, Community Workshops, AMP (Arts & Media Project), Sheffield (UK)

2001 Manchester Youth Theatre, Summer School, Manchester (UK)

2001 Performing Arts Workshop, Secondary School, Luton, (UK)

1996-1997 Various Community Theatre Workshops, Glasgow University



2007 PhD (psychology) The Open University, UK: Thesis: An exploration into the creative collaborative process when making music on computers in formal and informal settings

2002 Certificate in Music Technology, RedTape Studios, Sheffield

1999 MPhil (psychology) Glasgow University, SCT: Thesis: Different Drummers, The effects of music therapy on children with moderate learning difficulties

1998 MA Glasgow University, SCT (distinction in theatre studies)



2012-2013 Curator & Lecturer/ITL coordinator, Science Gallery, Dublin

2010-2011 Senior Content Manager, NDRC (National Digital Research Centre), Ireland

2006-2009 BBC, Creative Media & Technology Department, Freelance Creative Director and Producer on Participate project, (UK)

2007 BECTA, (British Education Communication Technology Agency), Freelance research contract, Digital Content, Museums and Culture

2006-7 JISC, Freelance research contract, Learner Experiences of eLearning

2006 Girls Day School, Freelance contract, Visualising Web 2.0

2003-2006 Learning and Innovations Researcher/Full-time, Futurelab Bristol, (UK)

2002-2003 Arts Resource Manager/Part-time, Art Media Project, Sheffield Council, (UK)

2000-2001 Events Manager/Part-time, The Stables, Milton Keynes, (UK)



2012 IDI, Design Awards, HACK-THE-CITY, Catalog

2011 Irish Internet Association Award for The Open Data Challenge, NDRC

2009 Pop-Up Landscapes, Transformations Project Commission, IPI, Mação, (PT)

2009 Encountering, Art Residency, Breda, NL

2009 Hangar Media Art Residency Grant, Barcelona, (SP)

2009 Finnish Institute Art Travel Grant, (FI) and (UK)

2007 Keys Commission, Arnolfini and Knowle West Media Centre, (UK)

2007 Finnish Institute Art Grant, (FI) and (UK)

2007 Gulbenkian Art Grant, (UK) and (PT)

2006 Brunel 200, Artist Commission, (UK)

2006 Artist Bursary, James Martin Institute, Oxford (UK)

2005 Star Radio, Artist Commission, (WAL)

2005 DTI, Department of Trade and Industry, Art and Technology Grant, (UK)

2005 Creative Bristol Art Grant, Bristol, (UK)

2004 Saganet Travel Bursary Grant, (DE)

2003 SEMPRE Bursary Grant, Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education, (UK)

2002 Locws Festival Commission, Paul+Paula, Swansea, (WAL)

2000-2004 PhD, Scholarship Grant, The Open University, (UK)



NIME – New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Reviewer, 2014)

CoAx – International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics (Reviewer, 2013-14)

Interferenze – Journal of Sound Art Culture (Editorial committee, 2010)

IJME – International Journal of Music Education (Editorial committee, 2007-2009)

BJME – British Journal of Music Education (Editorial committee, 2007-2009)

ISME – International Society for Music Education  (Web adviser 2006-08)